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BenchCouncil: International Open Benchmark Council


BenchCouncil Benchmarks Tutorials

Tutorial: AIBench --- an AI Benchmark suite for Datacenter, IoT, Edge, and HPC

Feb 22-23, 2020 @ San Diego, CA, USA

In conjunction with HPCA 2020

Tutorial: BigDataBench 5.0

Feb 16, 2019 @ Washington D.C., USA

In conjunction with HPCA 2019

BigDataBench Tutorial: a scalable and unified Big Data and AI benchmark suite

Dec 11, 2018 @ Seattle, WA, USA

Co-located with Bench18

Tutorial: BigDataBench 4.0 --- an Open Source Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Benchmark suite

Mar 24, Williamsburg, VA, USA

In conjunction with ASPLOS 2018

Tutorial: BigDataBench

Dec 13-17, Cambridge, UK

In conjunction with micro'14